Monday, January 24, 2011

Crazy January!!

It seems that August and January are always my most busy months. I feel badly that I cannot get Koda out into the forests more, but it is so cold and difficult in this month, I wouldn't have been trying to push it too far anyway.

Chris and I climbed Wright Mountain in the Adirondacks last Monday (Chris' Birthday!) and it actually seemed more than do-able for Koda! The trail was packed down really well and it wasn't a very difficult winter trail. We climbed Wright in the summertime as well, and would also bring Koda then. However, 7 miles is still too long to risk him tiring out deep in the Adirondacks.

So! For now we are sticking to the city of Albany, do around 3 miles when we do our treks. I, myself, need better winter boots for the city, it's keeping me from staying out much longer.

Koda and I love going down to Buckingham Pond and exploring the pond itself and the surrounding neighborhoods. It's perfect dog-walking territory. He loves watching people ice-skate on the pond and absolutely wants to join in. We get lots of squirrel sightings, as well :D

As you can see, he is getting much bigger!! It really blows my mind. He leaves full-sized dog paw prints in the snow. He just had his 4 month birthday a few days ago... time flies!

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