Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brief Hiatus!

Chris and I will be skiing Whiteface Mountain this weekend and hiking Wright Mountain (both of these are Adirondack High Peaks!) this weekend.

Unfortunately for Koda, he is still too young to come on trips such as these (not that I think he will be much up for downhill skiing even when he is older!), so he will be enjoying the new dump of snow we've gotten in Albany with my dad.

He really, truly loves the snow. He immediately buries his face in it and chooses to slosh his way through the tallest snowbanks rather than walk on the sidewalk. I cannot wait to bring him cross-country skiing or snowshoeing with me in the future!

Yeahhhhh, Whiteface!

We love the High Peaks region so much. It is going to refresh our souls to be up there for the weekend!

1 comment:

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