Monday, January 10, 2011


It turns out that Koda loves the slides! Well, in fact, he seems to love everything at the playground that he can get into: crawling tubes, that twisty circle, nooks and crannies, haha.

I have been taking him on walks around Albany, and there are a lot of parks within a couple mile radius of where we live, so we've been hitting them up. I want to get him used to doing weird things other than just walking on the sidewalk, so we wander around quite a bit. One experiment quickly showed that he loves the slides most of all:

There is not much more to update you on. Koda will be starting obedience classes soon and hopefully exploring the world outside of Albany a little bit more! Until then, he is mostly enjoying his walks and playing ball in the backyard (a very good fetcher already, he is) and Chris and I are enjoying hitting the slopes whenever we can (so far, we've gone to Whiteface, Gore, Killington, Windham, Stratton and McCauley!).

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