Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The scene above is where Koda had his first swim!!

He was tentative at first and panicked a little when he first lost his footing, but soon became an expert doggy-paddler. Chris, our friend Kieran, and I swam with Koda for a long time. When he got tired, he went into the shallows to stomp on the water and chase the spray.

A few days later, we brought Koda back to this place and let him off leash. First time he's ever been off leash. We creek walked about a half mile and he stayed with us the entire time. We encountered people and he still stayed by us. He had, I think, the best time in his life because this dog is a WATER dog. He played for hours in the creek and the pools, until I had to call it a day because he was so tired!

I had a blast with him. We are learning together, exploring the world together, playing together.... and it makes me delighted. This is exactly what I envisioned when we got him as a puppy!