Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Love!

So, the city of Albany is a huge mess after the snow storm. It is difficult to even get your car out or park it anywhere. We, of course, are taking the snow-opportunity to go skiing (Bromley this week... what a workout!).

Koda, however, is enjoying the backyard more than ever. He loves to just bully through the snow and shove his face into it.

Today, I brought him out to Albany's Washington Park, which is just a huge innundation of snow, and his favorite: insanely tall snow banks.

So I leave you with some pictures of the little man doing what he loves... having a good time!!

On a training side note: he is listening better and my patience is increasing! I am trying to only use positive reinforcement and we are currently working on his worst offence: pulling on the leash at the end of a walk, agrgh!

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