Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The city is covered in ice!

The city of Albany itself has been hit pretty hard by snow, ice, rain, and hail for the past couple of weeks. And while Koda is very much enjoying the weather (I've had shepherds that have loved the snow before, but he just seems as if his mother was a snowman!), it has been increasingly difficult to find ways to get him outside.

I love just our daily walks around the city during the week, but literally every sidewalk is a sheet of ice, or has never been shoveled, or is in some other way dangerous as all heck.

Soooooo... off to the Pine Bush it is! It's only a 15 minute drive from my house, and while it adds a lot more steps to the process of going on a walk, it is so worth it because I have one happy puppy when we go!

Shoving his face into the snow is a huge favorite ^


Also, I adore watching him jump off trail because he likes walking on the high snow banks, and 1 out of 3 times, he falls through, gets this surprised look on his face, and keeps on going! It's adorable.

I love watching his feet as he glides over the snow. I flounder like a fish if I go off trail without snowshoes, but his weight is distributed so perfectly and his paws spread out just so that he is completely comfortable! (the wonders of nature never cease to amaze!)

Well, this was just a quick update on what we are doing to battle the elements here in NY and still enjoy an active lifestyle with the new pup!

Nap Time!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Love!

So, the city of Albany is a huge mess after the snow storm. It is difficult to even get your car out or park it anywhere. We, of course, are taking the snow-opportunity to go skiing (Bromley this week... what a workout!).

Koda, however, is enjoying the backyard more than ever. He loves to just bully through the snow and shove his face into it.

Today, I brought him out to Albany's Washington Park, which is just a huge innundation of snow, and his favorite: insanely tall snow banks.

So I leave you with some pictures of the little man doing what he loves... having a good time!!

On a training side note: he is listening better and my patience is increasing! I am trying to only use positive reinforcement and we are currently working on his worst offence: pulling on the leash at the end of a walk, agrgh!