Thursday, January 6, 2011

A chunk of the Taconic Crest trail: Hopkins Forest!

So, January 2nd. Not my best of best days! We had just gotten back from a Philly New Years run and were a little worse for wear. Didn't eat or sleep the best and wore myself out!

However, keeping my promise to Koda, I made sure we got our butts out of the house to take him for a weekend hike. We chose a simple little chunk of trail in the Taconics that we had done before. We actually had taken this trail to the Snow Hole, which I highly recommend as a super easy day hike to a pretty awesome natural wonder. But I only had about 3 miles in me this day, so we didn't make it that far.

It was a nice, warm day and the snow was melting all around us. It wasn't too muddy at this point yet and neither cold enough to get icy, so the best of both worlds!

Koda saw we were not at full energy, even though he was, but we all still had fun.

The first bit of the trail we did doesn't have the best landscape views, but the forest is beautiful. However, if you get in a few miles, there are overlooks (which we didn't make it to this day, whoops! I am sure Koda didn't mind!).

We met several dogs and other hikers enjoying the day and weather, it is really beautiful to get out and meet other people who love what you love!

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