Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The scene above is where Koda had his first swim!!

He was tentative at first and panicked a little when he first lost his footing, but soon became an expert doggy-paddler. Chris, our friend Kieran, and I swam with Koda for a long time. When he got tired, he went into the shallows to stomp on the water and chase the spray.

A few days later, we brought Koda back to this place and let him off leash. First time he's ever been off leash. We creek walked about a half mile and he stayed with us the entire time. We encountered people and he still stayed by us. He had, I think, the best time in his life because this dog is a WATER dog. He played for hours in the creek and the pools, until I had to call it a day because he was so tired!

I had a blast with him. We are learning together, exploring the world together, playing together.... and it makes me delighted. This is exactly what I envisioned when we got him as a puppy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lake George Hiking

We wanted to take Koda up to the Adirondacks this past weekend for a hike, but didn't want to stress him out with a 2.5 hour car ride just yet (he is pretty used to 30-50 minutes right now) so we went to the Lake George area and hiked Shelving Rock mountain. It is in the Adirondacks, but a nice, easy hike without much of an incline and pretty view of Lake George at the top.

We signed in at the trail register, as any good hiker would do, and set off on our way! It was a little over a mile and a half to the top, so we took our time and just had fun!

I recommend this hike for anyone training their dogs or needing an easy hike for kids, or just wanting a chill stroll up a mountain themselves!

Here is Koda summitting his first ADK mountain:

He did very well. So well that when we headed down the trail, we took a mile long side-trail to visit the lake. THIS part of the trail was kind of steep and slippery and not as well marked. I don't think many people use that route. But Koda had fun exploring and, by this point, was finally tiring out ever so slightly.

The lake was gorgeous. Koda was very interested in getting his nose in it.

And then this was the aftermath:


Seriously. It was hysterical. I know I shouldn't take pleasure in another creature's misfortunes, but ohhhhh, he fell in and sputtered a bit and was so shocked! He ran over to me and Chris, looking at us as if to ask "What just happened?!" It wasn't cold out, so I wasn't worried about that. He then proceeded to fight the water for a little while before continuing down the trail with us.

I am glad to have a German Shepherd, the water just ran right off his coat and he dried almost completely by the time we were back at the car. Where he promptly fell asleep!

Another fun day with my boys! :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tulips, Spring, and super Nice Times!

Alright! So I am still in amazing mood resulting solely from the shining, warm sun and the green, green, green world!

My partner in crime, Chris, is gone this week, traveling for work, so I am staying in the city with Koda. I am not super comfortable hiking with him alone. I like having a partner, just in case, especially while Koda is still learning the basics.

Yesterday, we checked out Westland Hills Park and their dog park, which was smaller than my dad's backyard and kind of bare and sad looking, and also occupied by two VERY aggressive little terriers, haha. They were snarling when we approached, so we left.

Today, we joined what seemed like EVERYONE in Albany at Washington Park. Last weekend, the annual Tulip Fest was held, so the park is gorgeous, full of color, and just plain fun right now. It was good for Koda to be in what really felt like chaos at some points, screaming children, dogs running off leash, bikers, runners, strollers, canes, people wanting to pet him, etc, etc.

He was patient while I looked at the flowers and took his picture. He finally got to see the fountain full of water! He took a little drink -_- uck, haha, but I am excited for him to go swim there on a super hot day in the city!

We walked around the lake, and he explored.

Koda got to watch the geese, which he loves doing, and has yet to try to jump in after them!

He got to ignore all my attempts at a self-portait of myself with him, in fact, actively ruining every shot:

He looks like he is going to eat me here :D

But all in all, it was a great day at the park! Still struggling with leash work, but he will sit when I tell him and stay (most of the time). He has another obedience class tonight and there is progress, which is what matters.

Moral of the story of this post: take your dog to Washington Park if you live in Albany! It is beautiful, in the middle of the city, teeming with life, and your dog will thank you!!! Especially if you can trust him/her off leash, there is a huge dog park where the dogs love to play with each other!