Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Growing up!

Koda is growing, quickly!

He has been at home for about three weeks now and is gaining pounds and experience by leaps and bounds.

Potty training is not a total success, yet, though he is only about 10 weeks old at this point. Can't get mad at a guy with so tiny of a bladder for his accidents! Sitting and staying are his high points, he responds to cues like a pro.

My main training focus: do what I can do now so that later, hiking won't be a big hurdle.

First (and foremost): socialization! I have learned my lesson with past pets and knowing my friends' dogs, I want Koda to be as socialized as possible. From day two being home (day one being cuddle and get-to-know-you time) he was out in the city parks, out on walks, visiting pet stores, meeting my friend's children, meeting my grandmother, and hanging out at family events. I am very pleased with how calm he is around other people and other dogs. He is curious and sweet, and though he is a little nippy as puppies can be, there is nothing malicious in it. In fact, Koda seems a little distraught when people *don't* come over to say hi, he loves meeting new people!

To further socialize him, he recently had his first trip to the dog park. He played with dogs ten times his size, rough-housing and butt-smelling. He mostly stayed with me and Chris as we chatted with the other owners, but whenever the pack ran over with tennis balls in slobbery mouths, Koda jumped right into the fray, wanting to play. He is hesitant (as I would be too if I were only eight pounds!) but equally as brave. He also was off leash at the dog park and behaved very well.

Second: leash work! We go on lots of walks and he is a great walker. Koda follows well on the leash, not pulling or wanting to wander, just trotting along nicely. He has a ton of energy, and his short (for now) legs pump away as we wander about the city.

All in all, life is going along swimmingly for our new little buddy. We have speed bumps along the way (nipping and potty training) but nothing that wasn't expected and nothing that isn't worth it!

We are well on our way to having the best hiking partner a person could have :D

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