Friday, December 17, 2010

Albany Pine Bush!

I am very lucky to live in Albany and have a really great preserve just minutes from my house. The Albany Pine Bush includes thousands of acres of protected land throughout the area, easily accesible and easily walkable! They have maps at all the trailheads, you can go for a quick fifteen minute jaunt or head out for half a day exploration. I really love it.

Plus, it is a beautiful gem right in the city. When I get onto the trail, I quickly forget that I am so nearby neighborhoods and highways! The pine barrens are really a unique ecosystem, very different from the deciduous forests I usually love so much, and walking on sand dunes is fun for me and Koda!

I am glad to have this option to bring him to, so that Koda doesn't have to always have to walk on pavement when we are stuck in the city for the week. But right now, everything has a thin covering of snow, making it doubly as beautiful.

Koda has gone on several 2 mile walks this week, doing great! He is still full of energy and he is getting stronger day by day. He is shaped like a little barrel and I have a feeling he is going to be quite the powerhouse. Chris remarked that he seems like he was built to be a sled dog! Not that I am going to hitch him up to a sled or anything, but we will do what we can to make sure Koda feels like he is strong and has a purpose!

So, pictures of Koda in the Pine Bush, which is more fun!

He tentatively takes the lead sometimes on our walks, but continuously looks back to make sure I am right there behind him. He was to be independent, but seems a little scared to make the jump 100% just yet! He isn't even 3 months old yet, though, so he has lots of time to progress.

I am feeling good about our week with Koda. He is getting stronger and learning manners more and more. Nipping is still, but less of a problem now. It is easier to calm him down when he gets over-excited. And he isn't destroying the house! He got his little teeth into an ornament off the Christmas tree and a checkbook cover, but all in all, not too bad. I attribute that to keeping him busy and exhausted :D

Chris and I are going skiing on Saturday, but Sunday, I have plans to take Koda to a really fun preserve just outside of Albany that has cool trails and a waterfall (which I assume is frozen by now!). Details to follow!

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