Friday, November 5, 2010

Choosing a Dog

We lost our 8-year-old German Shepherd, Loki, in September due to an auto-immune disease that slowly killed him for the past year and a half. It was hard to watch and harder to lose him. He was truly a part of the family.

I have recently moved out of my family's home, and can not have a dog of my own, but my father really wanted a new German Shepherd because the grief and the loneliness was too much to bear. And I very much wanted a new hiking partner to share my love of the Adirondacks with! So we agreed to get a new puppy, one that would be a companion for my dad and be a companion for me on the trail (and the parks, and running, and everything a dog should get to experience)!

After some searching, we found pups for sale in Western New York, I drove out and had a look at the situation. It was at a gorgeous 1840s farm house and inn and the puppies were gorgeous. The breeder brought out three four-week-old male puppies, and I had initally fallen in love with an almost all black puppy. But there was one persistent little guy who climbed on me, kissed me, cuddled with me, and played with me, long after the other two pups went to sleep.

I played with him for a long time, and it was clear, he had chosen us.

He is friendly, happy, and energetic, perfect for the trails. We agreed to name him Koda. This was the first moment of Koda and I's life together and the (very early) start of our hiking adventures together. It will be a long, slow start, but it is still a part of this journey, so I am going to record it here. My early goal is to get him into the Adirondacks for hiking by late summer or early fall of next year. Till then, we have lots of growing and exploring to do!

Koda's first day home will be Sunday the 7th, and the training will begin (with potty training, haha).

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