Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christman Preserve

Christman Preserve is a gorgeous local hike in Delanson, NY, less than an hour's drive from Albany! It can be a short hike or longer depending on the loops you choose to follow. There is a map posted at the beginning of the trail. Lots of information is included in the link I gave you, so I am just going to continue talking about the trail from Koda's POV. :D

This hike starts out in low brush, but soon gets to the beautiful creek (which is obviously iced over at this time of the year in Albany).

Koda had a ton of fun crossing the frozen creek. I had made Chris test it out before I risked getting the pup dunked in frozen water (good job, Chris!) Koda is definitely an explorer and doesn't have much fear when it comes to natural obstacles!

My favorite part of Christman Preserve, however, is the waterfalls, which are stunning in the spring, but frozen in time as they are right now, they are doubly as beautiful.

Koda wasn't too impressed, however, by the majestic landscape and just wanted to go play. "Less pictures, more romping!!" I can just hear him chiding me, hehe.

Koda got to explore a lot of different things on the trail, including a lean-to and lots of bridges.

One warning: The trail to get to the lean-to can be steep and icy and so, a little treacherous. However, this was an early snowfall and no ice had formed in mid-December. Chris and I have been to the preserve in deep winter (without the pup!) and had a tough time navigating it safely. It is easy enough to avoid the trail to the waterfall if need be, but wow, it's so beautiful, it is hard to resist!

As per usual, this hike ended with the little guy all tuckered out. Two miles seems to be about his limit. He was just shy of being three months old at the time of this hike and wanted to stop walking about 50 feet from the car! I urged him on and he was fine, but I am aware of his limits. We continue to go on long daily walks to get his endurance up!

Obligatory sleepy in the car picture:

(Sidenote: Chris owns an Element which has been touted as very dog-friendly, and I would have to concur! It's a great car for Koda and I can see him growing into it very well in the coming years. It is easily cleaned after his muddy paws get everywhere and has lots of space for our gear and Koda's!)

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