Thursday, December 9, 2010

Koda's first hike!

Koda is still very young, but has been exploring the world and growing strong, so this past weekend, we decided to see how he would do in the great outdoors!

Chris and I chose a hike that was very mild, but still a challenge for a 10 week old pup. Vroman's Nose out in Schoharie County seemed perfect for our little group. It is about a two mile loop to get up to the top of the cliff area and back to the car, with about 400 feet of elevation to the top. Koda had already walked that far in the city with no signs of slowing down, so we figured as long as we went at his pace, the hike and the climb would not be a problem.

Plus, he is so small that I can still carry him! (not for long, the days of puppyhood pass by too fast, especially for German Shepherds, they grow like weeds!)

Despite my fears that he would tire out quickly, Koda raged on like a little machine. As you can see in the picture above, he had some pretty good hills to walk up, and he didn't hesitate for a second. His favorite part, however, was climbing over rocks, roots, and other obstacles. This gives me great hope that he is going to love hiking more than anything, because there are sure some obstacles in the Adirondacks! He got mad the first time I tried to pick him up and help him up a rock climb, grunting and swinging his legs. I didn't do that again!

The view from Vrooman's Nose was great! We got to see lots of the valley, big open farmland. For a short hike so nearby to home, it was a beautiful payoff. Perfect place to have a lazy day picnic, we will surely be coming back in the nicer weather.

Koda seemed to really enjoy the view as well!

I made sure to bring food and water, which he gobbled up, having earned himself a big appetite. We were so worried when he got home that he was so small and the vet was concerned he was underweight, but no more. He is a little barrell of strength!

We even worked on good manners on the top. He was very well behaved, staying near to Chris and I and being relatively calm for so young a dog. The one thing he won't do is pose nice for pictures with me, always licking my face and wriggling around!

We got down to the bottom and Koda still wanted to play, so we hung out, ate more dog food and eventually went to the Carrot Barn where Koda was allowed to come in while we got sandwiches! He was a hit with all the customers and workers there, and we got complimented on his good temperment (which felt really nice, we have really been trying to socialize him and I am glad it is paying off).

All in all, it was a success, Koda loved it, and we loved having him as a companion. It is more beautiful than I ever knew to see the forests and the trails and the world through brand-new eyes! There is much more exploration in our future, that's for sure.

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