Monday, March 28, 2011

Thacher Park

I cannot say enough how much I love living in Albany. I am, of course, biased because it is my home town. But I have traveled a bit and still find I love coming home to Albany and continue to love exploring it.

So reason 367 I love Albany: it is about 20 minutes away from Thacher Park! Thacher Park has been a place I have loved since I was young. On clear days, the view is incredible, looking out over Albany from the cliffs. Hawks nest in the cliffs, as well, and are constantly putting on little arial displays. The Indian Ladder Trail terrifed me as a child and as I grew, became a short trail of great fascination: you get to go into caves and walk under waterfalls! Part of the trail merges with the Long Path, which Chris and I want to hike someday.

Anyway, all these reasons and more are why I love Thacher Park :). So, now, we get to bring Koda there and share it with him.

Koda's favorite reason for loving Thacher Park.... it still has snow! He ate it, played in it, and just plain enjoyed it.

The creeks melted a bit and so Koda got to put his face into moving water for the first time. Adorable when he bit at it!

He also cannot stand when Chris explores something and he isn't with him. He follows Chris everywhere. So when Chris got up on the table, so did Koda, ha.

It was a gorgeous, blue-bird day! No one else was really at the park, because it is colder up there than in Albany. It is usually crowded on a hot summer day because it IS cooler.

We got to run and play and be silly. It was good for all of us.

And, now that Koda is growing up, he isn't tired out as quickly as he used to be. He didn't fall asleep on the ride home this time!

Until next time!

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