Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lake George

We decided to head up to Lake George for a hike, test how Koda would do in a longer car ride.

One hint: vomit.

Haha. He had gotten himself all worked up when we stopped for bagels by playing in the parking lot's snow banks and proceeded to vomit twice when we got back onto the road.

Well! Enough grossness.

Onto beauty!

We attempted to climb 5th peak in Lake George, though we did not finish, because Koda had already had a very trying day with an hour in the car and wearing himself out in the parking lot before we ever got started!

That does not mean that we didn't have a lovely 3 mile walk through the woods!

The woods were gorgeous. The snow was thick. Koda was enjoying himself to the fullest. Exploring holes:

And just generally being the cute, happy puppy that he is:

I really cannot say enough how much I love this dog. He is so intelligent and so sweet. Yes, he is full of all the energy you would expect out of a 5 month old, 45 pound German Shepherd, BUT it is so rewarding to see my patience, time, and energy pay off and result in a really fun dog! We have our moments were training seems to go awry and my patience wears thin and he gets frustrated, but it is a learning process.

At our best, he listens, sits, stays, and comes. He is learning, slowly, to heel as well. That one has been a learning process for me, as well, because it is not something I have ever taught before. But 5 months in, and I think we are both starting to get it!

I love watching him experience this life, so many things for the first time.

This might have been our last hike where I need to wear snowshoes. The snow is slowly melting around these parts, making a lot of the logistics easier on me. So look forward to more updates on our progress! We have a goal of getting to the top of a High Peak together by the end of the summer :D

Until then, enjoy a photo of one of the most tired, contented dogs I've ever seen!

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