Monday, April 4, 2011

Some updates!

All is going well with Koda! Spring is coming full force into the area, complete with days of intense, pouring rain! But we brave it and have a good time anyway. :)

Koda is looking pretty full grown right now, which scares me, because he is only 7 months old! I cannot imagine how else he is going to change in the coming months.

We have a vet appointment scheduled on Thursday, a pre-check up for neutering. I am definitely a proponent of neutering. We aren't going to breed him, so why risk anything else? I wouldn't mind a little less testosterone running through his body, either! But, seriously, I've known dogs that haven't been neutered that had problems later on and had to be neutered at an older age, which is riskier. I'd like to get it done now.

However, his testicles haven't dropped yet. (TMI?) So the doctor is going to check them, see what can be done, what our options are. But, hopefully, we will have his surgery on the books soon. (Oh, I am going to be a mess when that happens... surgeries make me nervous, especially on animals!).

I had to go down to NYC this weekend, and on our way north, we did some hiking in the Hudson Highland area (Bear Mountain, Harriman State Park, etc). We didn't have Koda with us, but will be taking him down there soon! All the snow is gone and it is dry! I think it will be a great option while the Adirondacks are in their crazy mud/bug season. We can slowly work our way up north, to the Catskills and then to the 'dacks :)

Well, I'll post more updates and pictures when I have them!

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