Monday, April 11, 2011


So, this weekend was a bit of a party weekend. I was NOT feeling good on Saturday morning (solely because of my own behaviors!). However, I still got out of bed, put on workout clothes, and brought Koda out to a gorgeous hiking trail in Rotterdam (post to come later with a picture or two.... he was actually being a bit of a nutter that day, so I didn't take many pictures!).

Anyway, it got me thinking about how much a dog increases my fitness. Instead of laying in bed, watching TV, eating some comfort food, I thought about my puppy and how much he loves and NEEDS the outdoors. So out I went with him.

I love to be outside, I love to walk around the city, so Koda and I are a good pair. However, there have been days (or weeks) in the past where I just was. not. in. the. mood. Maybe it was rainy, or freezing, or some other excuse I would use to keep myself inside. But not now. I can't look at his face and think of myself over him!

I am looking back at our winter, one of the WORST winters I have experienced in Albany, and realized how much I got outside. Now, I would have gone out anyway to ski, but skiing is at most a twice a week activity. The other 5 to 6 days would be spent cuddling in a blanket inside! Not this year. Almost every single day, I bundled up and brought Koda out around the city or even on a hike.

He is good for my heart in more ways than one! :D

There are no excuses here. If I make excuses so that I can be slothful, I have to do the same to my dog, and I cannot bear that. Loki, whom I had earlier in life, when I was less fit, less mature, and less smart!... well, he spent too many days just hanging out with a lazy me inside. I promised I would never do that to Koda and I am not and it makes me proud. I love how strong and healthy Koda is!

Tomorrow is neutering day. I am nervous. But good, positive thoughts are being held up foremost so that all the good energy goes to my pup and the doctor tomorrow.

To chill out my nerves, I hope to make a little post tomorrow with pictures of my boy!

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