Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lake George Hiking

We wanted to take Koda up to the Adirondacks this past weekend for a hike, but didn't want to stress him out with a 2.5 hour car ride just yet (he is pretty used to 30-50 minutes right now) so we went to the Lake George area and hiked Shelving Rock mountain. It is in the Adirondacks, but a nice, easy hike without much of an incline and pretty view of Lake George at the top.

We signed in at the trail register, as any good hiker would do, and set off on our way! It was a little over a mile and a half to the top, so we took our time and just had fun!

I recommend this hike for anyone training their dogs or needing an easy hike for kids, or just wanting a chill stroll up a mountain themselves!

Here is Koda summitting his first ADK mountain:

He did very well. So well that when we headed down the trail, we took a mile long side-trail to visit the lake. THIS part of the trail was kind of steep and slippery and not as well marked. I don't think many people use that route. But Koda had fun exploring and, by this point, was finally tiring out ever so slightly.

The lake was gorgeous. Koda was very interested in getting his nose in it.

And then this was the aftermath:


Seriously. It was hysterical. I know I shouldn't take pleasure in another creature's misfortunes, but ohhhhh, he fell in and sputtered a bit and was so shocked! He ran over to me and Chris, looking at us as if to ask "What just happened?!" It wasn't cold out, so I wasn't worried about that. He then proceeded to fight the water for a little while before continuing down the trail with us.

I am glad to have a German Shepherd, the water just ran right off his coat and he dried almost completely by the time we were back at the car. Where he promptly fell asleep!

Another fun day with my boys! :D

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