Monday, May 2, 2011

Just enjoying life!

Spring is in full swing, rain and all. On the days we get that are sunshiney and bright, out we go! Here we are back at the Corning Preserve, watching ducks and bike riders.

Koda is back into his collar and off the gentle leader. Cue sad face. Pulling is back and still a struggle to deal with. However, the gentle leader rubbed a spot under his eye raw! He might not be big enough yet for the large gentle leader, that is the only reason I can figure for this small malfunction, it worked perfectly with my other shepherd.

We are still having fun, though, just working a little harder for it!

And I will be biased and say how BEAUTIFUL Koda is becoming. His sweet eyes just slay me and his beautiful coloration makes me so happy :D

And I will leave you a picture lastly of Koda's favorite new activity, playing soccer defense! He loves to defend against you kicking the ball and practice heading the ball back to you. It's kind of amazing to watch his precision, how high he can jump, and how agile he is. Love it!

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